Bernard Richmond QC Appointed as Part-Time Judge on Isle of Man

Coat of arms of the Isle of Man

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to his appointments as a Recorder and Assistant Coroner, Bernard Richmond QC has been appointed to the panel of Deemsters of the Isle of Man.  Deemsters sit in the High Court and Court of General Gaol Delivery on the Island and hear the most serious cases.

There is a long tradition of members of the Bar, particularly from Chambers in the North, being appointed to support the work of the full-time judiciary on the Island.   Appointments, similar to those of Deputy High Court Judges and Recorders, are fee-paid and those appointed remain in full-time practice.

 In addition, Bernard has been appointed a Deputy High Bailiff on the Isle of Man.   This will permit him to sit as a Coroner on the Island.

Bernard has been involved in teaching on the Isle of Man in recent years and has undertaken advisory work on Isle of Man cases.