Road Traffic Offences

Central Chambers prides itself in being at the forefront of road traffic litigation. Our barristers are experienced in handling all types of road traffic matters from s.172 notices to road haulage.

This area of law often presents complex issues of law and, when combined with high expectations from fee-paying lay clients, solicitors need to feel confidence in the chosen advocate. At Central Chambers, we understand client care and all of our counsel are able, friendly and professional. In these financially trying times, our barristers also ensure that solicitors are in possession of full file notes as soon as is practicable after hearings so that matters can be finalised swiftly.

The members of Chambers who accept instructions in this area are:

William Staunton (Called 1986)

Mark Shanks (Called 2011)

Anthony Williams (Called 2012)

Katy Laverty (Called 2013)

Steve Nikolich (Called 2014, Solicitor Advocate 2005)

Mark Pritchard (Called 2017)

Benjamin Ramsey (Called 2018)

Megan Edwards (Called 2021 – 2nd-Six Pupil)