Pupillage at Central Chambers

Mini Pupillage

We invite as many mini-pupils as we can sensibly accommodate at Central Chambers. We do not gatekeep the profession. We ask that all applicants are over the age of 18 – due to restrictions and safety concerns. All requests for mini-pupillage are to be via this webform.

PLEASE NOTE:- our mini-pupillage scheme is now fully-booked between now and Autumn 2024. Accordingly, we will resume accepting applications for mini-pupillage from 1st October 2024.


We are rightly proud of our pupillage programme. We were chosen as the only Manchester Chambers to pilot the new BSB pupillage competencies format – so we’ve been doing it that bit longer than anyone else!

UPDATE for 2024/2025

Central Chambers will be offering up to four pupillage vacancies for the 2024/25 period.

We offer pupillage with a view to tenancy; we expect you to want to stay with us. It is our investment in Chambers so it makes sense for us to be invested in you succeeding. If you secure pupillage with us then there is no requirement for you to apply for tenancy at the conclusion. We will let you know prior to completion whether we are offering tenancy.

The successful applicant may expect to enjoy a common law pupillage with an emphasis on the area in which their supervisor practices. We’ll also help you to find which area of law within chambers is right for you by giving you the opportunity to gain experience in other areas of chambers’ work. All pupillages are likely to include experience of Family and Crime with some adjunct areas and you’ll be expected to represent clients in any or all of those areas in your second six.

Chambers current Pupil Supervisors are Joe Lynch, Ben Knight, Nazmun Ismail, Kirstin Beswick, Mark Shanks and Mark Pritchard.


Chambers pupillages will be advertised on the Pupillage Portal in line with the BSB requirements. We do not use the Pupillage Portal system for applications. Instead, we ask that candidates to send us a CV and cover letter (in a single PDF) via email. We do not accept paper-based applications or Pages documents.

All applicants are required to complete this E&D Monitoring Form.

Pupillage itself

Prior to starting pupillage, the successful candidate will be provided with a written agreement outlining the expectations placed on the pupil and on chambers. A Welcome Pack, a copy of chambers E&D policy, Wellbeing policy, and other relevant documentation.


The guaranteed payments which will be made during the course of the funded pupillage will match the living wage. This will include any increase in the living wage during the course of the pupillage.

Following successful completion of the first six months of pupillage, during the remaining months of the pupillage, the guaranteed amount is a minimum and any additional payments received will be passed onto the pupil.

In our experience, the actual award achieved has significantly exceeded the guaranteed amount.