Called: 1992

Nazmun Ismail

Called: 1992 (Lincolns Inn )


Nazmun Ismail  is also Chambers Financial Director.

Nazmun’s practice covers the rights of individuals and consideration of human right and civil liberties, in particular matters relating to family law, court of protection, international family law and freedom of movement. She is sought out for her ability to engage with issues in cases with thorough preparation, but in a user friendly way.

Excellence Through Continuity of Representation

Family Law

Nazmun is a specialist family law barrister whose practice encompasses all aspects of family law. She is recognised for her wide-ranging experience, thorough preparation, robust advocacy and detailed advice. Her dedication to her work is well respected.

She has appeared at all levels of Courts across England and Wales, including at the Court of Appeal and at the Supreme Court.

Finance and Private clients

Nazmun is a specialist skilled in finance and private client disputes including financial remedies, divorce and TOLATA. She is instructed by an impressive client base covering all aspects of financial remedies on divorce from high-value cases to needs-based cases made complex by modest assets. Nazmun has been instructed in both UK-based and offshore matters.   Nazmun regularly deals with property disputes between cohabiting couples and family members.

In private law, Nazmun has experience across the full range of private law cases including parental alienation cases, child arrangements orders (contact/residence), specific issue and prohibited steps applications and relocation both internally and externally. She has successfully obtained and resisted permission to relocate children both within England and Wales and overseas.

She regularly appears for parents and Guardians at the Family Courts in both private law and public law proceedings.

Public Law

Nazmun represents parents, guardians and competent children. Her experience includes cases which involve risk of harm from non-accidental injuries, radicalisation, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, non-accidental death, allegations of serious sexual abuse, serious neglect and child trafficking.

Court of Protection

She is available to undertake applications in the Court of Protection relating to the welfare of vulnerable adults, including issues of medical treatment and deprivation of liberty. Also available to assist in applications to the Court of Protection relating to the property and financial affairs of persons without capacity.

Judicial Review

Judicial Review of Central Government, Local Government and other bodies including in respect of regulatory and disciplinary proceedings.

Human Rights

Human Rights issues spanning various areas of law including Court of Protection matters. Her experience in immigration, asylum and nationality issues makes her particularly suitable in dealing with cases with cross border issues and in preparing independent reports on such cases for the Family Court.

Nazmun has worked with teams of lawyers in important appellate and other court cases.

Public Access

Nazmun is approved by the Bar Council to undertake direct access work.

Notable Cases

P V R (2024) (Finance)

Instructed in a multi million pound case in which each party had alleged that the other party had concealed substantial land, property and assets overseas.

Re A (2024) (Public Law)

Represented a father in a matter listed for 12 days.  Allegations of domestic abuse involving both emotional and physical abuse.

Successfully resisted any findings and a result child went to live with the father.

Re S (2023) (Private Law)

High Court (Section 9). Representation of three children in a protracted private law proceedings involving allegations of emotional, physical, psychological abuse and allegations of forced marriage and alienation.

Matter was listed for 11 days.

Successfully resisted findings which subsequently allowed the father to have contact with his children after not having any contact for three years.

Re R (2022) Public Law

High Court (Section 9).  Representation of a 19 year old university student facing serious allegations (along with his parents) of honour based violence, threats to kill, physical and emotional abuse together with covert recordings. Matter was listed for three week hearing.

Successfully resisted findings.

Re J (2021)(Public Law)

Representation of Foster Carers who were ordered to be intervenors in a case where a young baby has sustained rib fractures. Local Authority sought findings against the foster carers and the parents.

Successful with a preliminary application to discharge the intervenors.

Re S & Others (2020)(Public Law)

High Court (S9). Representation of a mother in a matter listed for 4 weeks. A wide variety of issues including Forced Marriage Protection order, Transnational Marriage Abandonment, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and repeated removals of the children from the jurisdiction.

Ahmed v Iqbal (2020) EWHC 266 Fam (Private Law)

Macdonald J: Important case to assist with the principles to be applied when considering whether the court can intervene to prevent counsel from acting and whether it should interfere with rights of litigants to have their choice of counsel.

Representation of a mother to oppose the appeal of an earlier decision preventing counsel from representing a client.

Successfully opposed the appeal.

Re AA & 25 Ors (Children)(Rev)[2019] EWFC

Sir Mark Hedley : Nazmun was led by Nick Stonor QC. Instructed to represent a respondent father in one of the largest public law cases heard in the Family Courts. The court heard 15 care cases together following the local authorities alleging that there was a paedophile ring involving grave sexual abuse allegations in respect of children.

The client was exonerated.

Rochdale Borough Council v M & Others [2018] EWCH 2996 (Fam)

Hayden J : Nazmun was led by Jo Delahunty QC. Instructed by the Official Solicitor. Representing a mother who lacked capacity and competency and she was accused of killing her young child. There were complexities of medical evidence.

Mandalia v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2015] UKSC 59. Supreme Court of England and Wales. Co-Counsel for the Appellant against the Government in respect of issues of policy and the Points Based System. The Supreme Court unanimously allowed the appeal, quashing the refusal of his visa extension application and overturning the Court of Appeal’s judgment.

Re C (A Child) (Abduction Proceedings) [2013] 2 FLR 1300. Court of Appeal. Acted with another junior for the mother in this Hague Convention abduction case.

KM (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2013] 1 AC 152. Supreme Court. Junior Counsel for the Appellant. A ground breaking judgment in favour of the Appellant in which his appeal based on human rights and the Refugee Convention was allowed.

FH (Iran) v Entry Clearance Officer (Tehran) [2011] Imm. AR 29. Post flight spouses. Appeal allowed

RK (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State [2011] EWCA Civ 456 Zimbabwean Protection claims. Appeal allowed and remitted for re hearing. Court of Appeal.

Tsegaye v Secretary of State. EU Law. [2011] EWCA Civ736. Marriage after arrival in the United Kingdom. Court of Appeal

IO (Sri Lanka) v Secretary of State. [2011] EWCA Civ. Article 8. EU law. Court of Appeal.

KM (Zimbabwe) v SSHD [2011] EWCA Civ 275. Protection claims and application of Supreme Court’s decision in HJ (Iran). Court of Appeal

Liverpool Housing Trust v Hankin CLY 3054. Acted for the tenants in the successful resistance of a claim for possession.

Regina (on the application of) WJ (China) v SSHD. [2011] EWCA civ 183.
Section 82 NIAA 2002 and fresh claims with rights of appeal. Court of Appeal.

Nazmun is approved by the Bar Council to accept Direct Public Access work.

Nazmun is committed to seeking to establish the rights of those that need protection and has been at the forefront of being able to use her experience in many areas of law for the benefit of clients.