Diversity Data

Our Equality and Diversity Officer (or EDI Officer) is: Rebecca Kocerhan

Our Diversity Data is found here:


Central Chambers takes wellbeing of our tenants, pupils, and staff very seriously. We all try to ensure each others’ welfare in mind and we have infrastructure in place to assist with this.

Our present wellbeing policy is below:


Digital Wellbeing Certificate 2023 – We are proud to have been recognised by the Bar Council for our commitment to wellbeing at the Bar.

Rebecca Kocerhan, our EDI&W Officer, reflects on this achievement: “The journey towards integrating wellbeing into our professional culture at Central Chambers has been both challenging and rewarding. We have come to understand that wellbeing is not a luxury but a crucial element in any modern workplace. This recognition by the Bar Council underscores our efforts in creating a dynamic system that not only supports but actively promotes wellbeing and diversity.”

She adds, “Our commitment goes beyond the absence of negative behaviours. We focus on fostering positive workplace practices and providing deliberate support for career and practice development. This approach has enhanced work satisfaction, mental health, and driven diversity and retention. A healthy and diverse Bar leads to better outcomes for our clients and strengthens public confidence, particularly among aspiring barristers who are the future of our profession.”

Central Chambers’ recognition is not just an accolade but a responsibility. We remain dedicated to maintaining and improving our standards, contributing to a legal profession where wellbeing, diversity, and inclusivity are not just aspired to but lived daily.

“We are honoured to receive this certificate and see it as a stepping stone towards further advancements in our profession’s wellbeing and diversity,” concludes Kocerhan. “We hope our journey inspires others in the legal community to join us in this vital endeavour.”

Equality and Diversity

As a chambers with members who practise in E&D and human rights law, we have an appointed officer for E&D matters, and we review our policies at least yearly – though we are alive to the need to keep all of our people policies up-to-date.

The present E&D policy is found here:


We are also proud providers of a free LGBTQIA+ Law Clinic. The first of its type. It is provided by barristers and covers a broad range of legal advice and assistance.

Committed to Equality and Diversity - Central Chambers