New Bar Council Standard Conditions Of Contract

From 31 January 2013 the Bar Council has introduced the new Standard Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (the “new Bar Council Standard Conditions of Contract”). These replace both the Terms of Work on Which Barristers offer their Services to Solicitors and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme, which cease to exist as the default terms of business between barristers and solicitors. Previously those default terms were Central Chambers’ terms of business. The new Bar Council Standard Conditions of Contract have been drafted so as to be compatible with the insurance cover available to barristers under the BMIF scheme.

We are now required to publish the terms on which we perform work. Central Chambers will be accepting instructions from Authorised Persons on the new Bar Council Standard Conditions of Contract from 31 January. A copy of these can be found by clicking here or we can provide a copy on request.

Please note that the clerks do not have authority to agree amendments to the new Bar Council Standard Conditions of Contract. Any amendments to those terms can only be agreed in writing by the individual barrister being instructed.

These new Standard Conditions do not affect the terms upon which our members supply services to other professional or direct access clients including the Treasury Solicitor.

The introduction of the Bar Council’s Standard Conditions of Contract will not alter our commitment to providing a responsive and flexible service for our clients. Please get in touch with our clerking team if you have any questions about the new Bar Council Standard Conditions of Contract.