Direct Access Barristers

It is now possible, under certain circumstances, to instruct members of the Bar directly without employing the services of a solicitor. This enables a wide range of our clients to benefit from the cost savings and efficiency that may come from instructing a Barrister directly rather than through a third party.

There is a strict criteria that must be met before we can provide Direct Public Access to you. If you are interested in instructing a Barrister through the Public Access scheme please complete the contact form below. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your case. We regret that this does not include enquiries regarding removal from sex offenders’ register.

All fees will be agreed and paid prior to any work being undertaken on your behalf.

Our clerks are not legally qualified but are responsible for the administration and support that a Barrister needs to run his or her practice efficiently. They have a wide knowledge of the courts and legal services as well as the expertise of each of our Barristers.

Our clerks will be happy to give you initial information on whether the matter is suitable or any other details about the scheme. If it is not suitable for this scheme we have a Panel of Solicitors to whom we can refer your case.

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) provides guidance for anybody who wishes to receive representation through this scheme.

Chambers has several members who can provide you with direct access legal services in the following areas:-

  • Criminal Law (including Courts-Martial)
  • Inquest representation
  • Family Proceedings
  • Commercial Law/ Intellectual Property and software licensing/Chancery law
  • General Civil proceedings
  • Equality Act and related proceedings
  • Employment proceedings

Pursuant to the BSB regulations on transparency of fees for Direct Access work, please see our Direct Access Fees Table – this includes areas where fee information is mandatory. At present, the only mandatory area offered is Road Traffic law.

In any event, please do not hesitate in contacting us for a quote for any area of work.

Where we have multiple barristers available for the work, we will provide an indication of the fees for each, so that you may decide who you wish to instruct and so that you can compare our fees with those from other barristers.

The members of chambers who act presently in this area are:-

Bernard Richmond KC (Called 1998, Silk 2006)

Nazmun Ismail (Called 1992)

Dr Alexander Khan (Called 2000)

Benjamin Knight (Called 2004)

Anthony Williams (Called 2012)

Katy Laverty (Called 2013)

Steve Nikolich (Called 2014)

Mark Pritchard (Called 2017)

Some members are registered for VAT purposes and some are not. Your fees quotation will make clear whether the available barrister is VAT registered.

DPA counsel cannot provide services with funding from the Legal Aid Agency unless a solicitor with a LAA contract is in place. However, all lay people should be aware of the following information.

Please note that Legal Aid may be available for the work you wish our counsel to undertake. That includes accessing the Exceptional Case Funding scheme from the Legal Aid Agency. This can even apply to areas often excluded from public funding (such as s.8/child arrangements order proceedings). You should ALWAYS investigate this line of funding before agreeing to pay ANY lawyer on a private basis. Please report any provider who does not inform you of the possible availability of public funding in your case to either the BSB or the SRA.

You may also benefit from Legal Insurance (often with motor or household insurance or even your bank). You should contact your provider before agreeing to pay privately for legal services as this may affect your ability to claim for funding.

If we are asked to act in any case where After The Event Insurance (AtE) may apply, we will advise of this before taking any further steps.

We are proud of our independence and integrity. We believe that all users of legal services ought to understand the sometimes confusing nature of our legal system and those who operate within it. To that end, complying with best practice from the BSB, we invite you to look at the Legal Choices website for information.