We’ve Moved To Our New Home

As part of Central Chambers’ programme of expansion and development, we have moved to our new home at:

82 King St
M2 4WQ

The new home of Central Chambers. We are still in the heart of Manchester.

“This is a fantastic building with great facilities. We are a modern set within a traditional profession. We were looking for a home that better represented who we are. This place does that.”

– Neil Vickers (Senior Clerk)

The new office boasts a larger clerks’ room, more comfortable client conference accommodation, and video-conferencing facilities.

As confidentiality and data-protection are important to our clients, our regulator and our members, we are pleased that this building offers great security and welcoming support staff.

I am really proud to invite my professional and lay clients to visit this new facility. It is impressive. Water features and glass walkways aside, this location suits a modern chambers such as ours. We are neighbours of other lawyers but also forensic labs and experts in various relevant fields.”

– Ben Knight (Head of Crime – Pupil Supervisor)

Central Chambers has undergone something of a renaissance over the past few years. Relocation, change of management structure and clerking arrangements, and a gold-class pupillage scheme have all served our clients extremely well.

We have more tenants than ever – including “graduates” of our pupillage scheme. We have three excellent pupils and are proud to continue growth at all levels. We are bucking a trend at the Bar in that regard. Pupillages in criminal and family law are harder to come by than ever.

By making smart decisions in recruitment, marketing, and management, we have positioned ourselves well for the future. This new site gives us exactly what we need right now but we already have our eye on more space in the same building. It feels like a great start to the new year.”

– Joseph Lynch (Head of Family – Recruitment Lead)

Easy to find. A beautiful former bank at the top of King Street.

If our professional clients would like to come for a little tour, they should feel free to contact the clerking team in the usual way.

In the meantime, please remember to update the address book.