Welcome to Ayse Akgol – our latest pupil

Central Chambers is delighted to announce that Ayse Akgol has started her pupillage under Joseph Lynch.

The competition for pupillage is almost overwhelming and it is always the sign of truly impressive applicant that they secure an opportunity to complete their professional training.

Ayse Akgol

Central Chambers has provided tenancies to all pupils who completed their pupillage with us.

Ayse comes from the North West of England but has lived in Turkey and is fluent in Turkish. She has already started learning about family practice and is already impressing those barristers taking part in her training.

Although Ayse’s pupillage has an emphasis on family law, she will be learning about the criminal law jurisdiction too.

In October 2021, solicitors will be able to instruct Ayse to represent their lay clients, safe in the knowledge that her training is following the successful Central Chambers pupillage programme which incorporates the structure approved by the BSB.

Central Chambers is proud that all of our registered pupillage supervisors were actively involved with the BSB pilot scheme that led to the changes in the way pupillage is delivered.