Success for Central Chambers’ Pupillage Application Workshop

Central Chambers recently hosted a highly anticipated Pupillage Application Workshop, marking a significant event in our calendar. This workshop, aimed at law students and post-graduates seeking pupillage, was a resounding success, drawing a diverse group of attendees eager to learn about the intricacies of pupillage applications.

The event featured an array of esteemed speakers from our chambers, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights into the pupillage application process.  Their presentations and small group sessions provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of what chambers look for in potential pupils, offering invaluable advice on how to stand out in competitive applications. This being Central Chambers, the advice was plainly spoken, honest, and designed to make the attendees aware of the wider picture of the pupillage applications process.

Junior Tenants Panel - Central Chambers Pupillage Workshop 2024
Mark Pritchard, Megan Edwards, and Ben Ramsey introduce the afternoon sessions.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the engaging whole-room exercises. These interactive moments allowed attendees to see what others were thinking, had experienced, and were capable of affecting each other. Participants had the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, enhancing their interview skills and understanding of the assessor’s experience of the process – something about which they are not often encouraged to think.

Equally beneficial were the small group exercises, fostering a more intimate and focused learning environment. These sessions enabled attendees to receive personalised feedback and advice, tailor-made to their specific CVs and covering letters. The small group format also encouraged networking, allowing participants to connect with peers and experienced barristers alike.

Central Chambers is committed to supporting the next generation of legal professionals. This workshop is a part of our ongoing efforts to provide practical, insightful guidance to those embarking on their legal careers. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the speakers, attendees, and organisers who made this event a landmark success.” – Joseph Lynch (Head of Family)

What attendees thought

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the practical insights and networking opportunities provided. We are already looking forward to hosting similar events in the future, continuing our tradition of excellence in legal education and professional development. Our feedback survey showed that over 90% of participants found the event ‘very helpful’, and 100% found it either ‘very helpful’ or ‘somewhat helpful’.

Here are just some of the responses we have received:

  • Just wanted to say a huge thanks to the panel for their time and advice last week Saturday. What a brilliant idea the workshop was as well as being very very helpful!
  • It was useful to know the way applications are assessed in the sifting phase. Also how much time
    is taken (for free!) to ensure the right applicant is found.
  • Really insightful, very helpful and has given me a lot to think about in terms of applications and
    where the right chambers is, for me.
  • It was a frank and honest discussion where valuable information was shared.
  • It was comprehensive and addressed exactly how to approach the application, including useful
    tips on what to avoid.
  • Everyone was so helpful and really put me at ease. After going through every element of the
    application, I feel so confident.
  • They were large groups, the subject matters can be quite personal. But the organisers worked
    hard to speak to us individually if we had specific issues.
  • The event made me feel at home. The relaxed and collaborate nature of the event solidified that
    Central would be the chambers for me.
  • Central Chambers came across very well at the event. There is a stigma from an applicants
    perspective about what barristers are like, and this event clarified they are just normal people.
    Makes me much more comfortable in writing my applications and attending possible interviews.
  • Entertaining as well as informative. Really enjoyed the day.