Our barristers secure acquittals for defendants accused of causing GBH with intent

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Minshull Street Crown Court
The Crown Prosecution Service at Minshull Street Crown Court today (24/04/18), offered no evidence in a case of a planned and serious assault upon an adult and a youth.
This favourable outcome for the three young, male defendants was due in no small part to the battle fought by Kirstin Beswick, Benjamin Knight and Mark Shanks to force the prosecution to disclose evidence which would undermine the case against the three defendants.

Having initially faced charges of kidnapping, and then eventually s.18 GBH with intent, the defence put forward robust defences challenging the Crown’s case in relation to DNA, CCTV, electronic forensic evidence and purported expert evidence.

All three defendants had verdicts of Not Guilty returned by the presiding Judge and two were immediately released from custody. The third awaits trial in unrelated proceedings but no longer faces the lengthy sentence that attaches to the offences charged.

Central Chambers has a criminal team with experience in defending against all manner of violent offence allegations – ranging from common assault through to GBH and malicious wounding – as well as kidnap. Out criminal lawyers have high levels of expertise in evidence relating to technical data and expert evidence.

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