Megan Edwards Commences Tenancy at Central Chambers

Central Chambers is thrilled to announce that Megan Edwards, following a successful pupillage under the meticulous guidance of Mark Shanks, has gladly accepted our offer of tenancy. We are particularly pleased that Megan will be bolstering our Criminal Team, a department poised for considerable growth.

Megan embarks on her tenure at an incredibly challenging juncture for the Criminal Bar. Starting her first-six just as the Criminal Bar Association‘s action was concluding, Megan has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the field. Despite these challenges, she has excelled, combining her academic prowess with invaluable practical experience, all under the mentorship of Central’s esteemed Crime Team.Megan Edwards

Throughout her first six months, Megan benefited from our team’s collective wisdom and hands-on experience. She quickly engaged in a broad spectrum of criminal law cases, serving both the prosecution and defence. Her keen analytical skills, coupled with her empathetic approach to defendants and witnesses, were evident from the start. She also enriched her skill set by completing multiple training courses during her non-practising period, setting the stage for a promising second six months and a prosperous future.

During her second-six, Megan continued to diversify her portfolio. Her meticulous and fearless approach to cases has made her an asset to both lay and professional clients, who can rest assured that their interests will be represented with utmost diligence.

Her affable nature and willingness to assist have not gone unnoticed; Megan is highly esteemed both within and beyond the chambers. She embodies a balanced approach that ensures fairness to all parties while staunchly advocating for her clients.

Mark Shanks, Megan’s pupillage supervisor, had this to say:

It has been a pleasure to work with Megan. She has shown herself to be extremely hard-working and reliable. Megan’s passion for Criminal law is there for all to see – she is like a sponge when it comes to learning! But with it, she is thoughtful, easy to talk to and will be a real credit to Chambers, Circuit and the Bar.

We take this moment to highlight the success of our revitalised pupillage programme, in line with reforms initiated by the Bar Standards Board. Our programme’s flexibility and pragmatic approach have yielded favourable outcomes for our pupils.

Seven years ago, Central Chambers reignited its pupillage programme, a strategic decision that has cultivated a wellspring of specialists in family and criminal law. This move has not only propelled our growth but also broadened the array of talents we offer to our instructing solicitors, thereby elevating our service quality.

While tenancy at Central Chambers is the objective for our pupils, it is by no means a guarantee. Each candidate must undergo a rigorous evaluation by existing tenants based on their performance over the preceding 12 months. An offer of tenancy at Central Chambers is a ringing endorsement of a candidate’s merit and indicates their readiness to occupy a pivotal role within our organisation.

Megan’s tenancy commences on 2nd October 2023, and she is available for instruction forthwith. To instruct Megan, or any member of our Crime Team, please liaise with our clerks via email or telephone.