Megan Edwards commences her practising stage of pupillage

Central Chambers is delighted to announce that Megan Edwards begins her second-six this week and we are very pleased to say that she is now able to accept instructions. Megan will specialise in Criminal Law. Megan Edwards

During the first six months of her time in Chambers, Megan has shown herself more than capable of being able to assess cases and give useful insight with practical solutions to problems. She has developed her undoubted academic and personal skills; skills that will be of great benefit at the Criminal Bar.

It was as the CBA action was coming to a close that Megan joined Chambers – a difficult and unprecedented time for any pupil barrister starting out. However, she used this unique opportunity to work closely with every member of the Criminal team on a wide variety of cases. She has experienced both defence and prosecution work in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts, and has been supported by each member of the Criminal team in her development.

Megan has shown herself to be thoughtful and considerate when dealing with lay clients and witnesses, and has built up strong relationships with professional clients and other members of the Bar – both pupils and senior members. She has thrown herself into Chambers and Circuit life. Her passion for criminal law is particularly refreshing and encouraging, bearing in mind the difficulties the profession faces at the moment.

We at Central are all very excited to watch and help Megan develop on the next stage of her training – her second-six – which will undoubtedly lead to a very promising career at the Criminal Bar.

To instruct Megan please contact the criminal clerks.