Manchester Pride 2024: Buzzin’ to be Queer – A Hive of Progress

Join Central Chambers as we proudly march in the Manchester Pride Parade on Saturday, 24 August 2024, celebrating diversity, unity, and the vibrant energy of our city. This year’s theme, ‘Buzzin’ to be Queer – A Hive of Progress,’ draws inspiration from the iconic worker bee, a symbol deeply rooted in Manchester’s history and a representation of hard work, unity, and collective spirit.

Embracing the Spirit of the Worker Bee

Dating back 150 years to the industrial revolution, the worker bee has evolved beyond a mere emblem to become a powerful representation of Mancunians’ hard work ethic and the bustling energy that defines our city. It symbolises unity, teamwork, and the strength that emerges when individuals come together for a common cause.

As we celebrate ‘Buzzin’ to be Queer – A Hive of Progress,’ the ‘Progress Bee’ becomes more than a symbol; it becomes a call to action. It reminds us that, just like worker bees collaborating in a hive, LGBTQ+ communities and their allies can achieve great things when united. The bee embodies the spirit of working harmoniously to create positive change and progress.

A Rich History of LGBTQ+ Activism

Manchester has always been a trailblazer for LGBTQ+ equality:

  • 1964: The North West Homosexual Law Reform Committee set the stage for LGBTQ+ liberation, leading to the national Campaign for Homosexual Equality and the decriminalisation of homosexual behaviour between two consenting males.
  • 1988: Over 20,000 voices resonated through the streets of Manchester in a historic protest against Section 28, marking one of the largest LGBTQ+ demonstrations in the UK.
  • 1990s: Manchester’s Gay Village became a space for the community to be loud and proud, showcasing the city’s open and liberal spirit.
  • 2018: Manchester Pride made history by becoming the first organisation in the UK to incorporate the black and brown stripes into the rainbow flag, ensuring representation for LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Join Us in Celebrating Progress

Central Chambers is proud to be the only barristers’ chambers to participate every year in the Manchester Pride Parade. This year is no different.

Just as bees are essential to the environment, diverse communities within society thrive by actively supporting one another. LGBTQ+ individuals play a crucial role in shaping a society where small actions collectively create a monumental impact.

We invite fellow barristers, law students, solicitors, their staff, friends, and family to join us as we embody the worker bee spirit and create a hive of progress where everyone can thrive. Showcase your unique flair and march with us in the Manchester Pride Parade, buzzing together towards a brighter future.

Let the bee guide us, buzzin’ with the collective energy of a community that knows the strength found in togetherness. As we march in the Parade, let’s embody the worker bee spirit and create a hive of progress where everyone can thrive.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, 24 August 2024
  • Time: 12:00pm onwards but we’ll be meeting from 10:30 for food and drink.
  • Location: Manchester City Centre (details will be sent to those who sign-up)

Sign-Up: Please register your interest by signing up through our registration form, below. To join us, you are asked to agree that you will not engage in discriminatory behaviour or language. We believe that there is not LGB without the T. Transphobic conduct will not be tolerated.

Let’s come together to celebrate, support, and uplift each other. Join Central Chambers at Manchester Pride 2024 and be part of a hive of progress.

We look forward to marching with you!

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