Kirstin Beswick secures an acquittal in Bank of England case.

This month, Kirstin Beswick secured an acquittal for man charged with defrauding the Bank of England, theft and money-laundering.

In this unusual and interesting case, the defendant had found some £48,000 in bank notes in a pile of rubbish at his waste disposal yard. The money was in poor condition and was not immediately usable.

Knowing he might be able to exchange the notes for their face value, the Defendant kept the money for a time and did not tell the police of the find before attempting to change it.

Miss Beswick claimed that the defendant had a right to the money and did not act dishonestly because as soon as anything hits the floor in his yard, it belongs to him.

The prosecution tried to present the case a simple case of ‘theft by finding’ but the Jury rejected that and swiftly found the defendant not guilty