Joe Lynch on Matched Funding for Pupillage

Joseph Lynch, Head of Pupillage at Central Chambers spoke to Counsel magazine about Matched Funding:

Joe Lynch talks to Counsel magazine about Matched Funding

In late 2015, we found ourselves at a crossroads as a chambers; we are a small, mainly publicly-funded set and were considering how we could expand. The idea of pupillage was raised. It had been roughly ten years since we had offered pupillage but the tenants were clear that this option should be explored.

The financial aspects of offering pupillage were an obvious concern but the Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme allowed us to take a chance on pupillage and, in October 2016, we took on our first pupil. We are delighted that, with the support of the Inns of Court, we have been able to offer this opportunity in a very restricted market and our chambers can now help maintain the quality of representation that is the hallmark of the independent Bar.

Thanks to the Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme, we can offer a further three pupillages over the next 18 months; opportunities for recent graduates that simply would not have been there without this scheme. At a time when access to the profession is of great concern to chambers, the scheme helps small, specialist sets like ours to offer pupillage in areas being deserted by those solely searching for financial gain rather than a drive to help the disadvantaged.


This article will appear on the August edition of Counsel Magazine. Author: Nathalie Lieven QC, Chair, COIC Pupillage Matched Funding Grants Committee.

Central Chambers is currently exploring what pupillages will be offered after those referred to in the article. It is anticipated that Central Chambers will continue to recruit in areas such as immigration, crime, and family.

In addition to pupillage, Central Chambers is particularly keen to hear from established and new practitioners in family law and immigration. If you are looking to join a progressive, friendly, modern set and want the opportunity to build a solid practice in the centre of Manchester, please contact us.