Ellie Whiteside-Hunt Becomes Our Newest Tenant

Central Chambers is delighted to announce that, following an eventful and successful pupillage under Joseph Lynch, Ellie has been offered and has accepted tenancy at Central Chambers.

Ellie Whiteside-Hunt

Despite the obstacles 2020 threw up, Ellie has been able to complete a varied and full pupillage with Central Chambers. She will be joining our Family Law team and is already in demand in both public and private family law. She is also available to act in injunctive family matters.

Supervisor Joe Lynch says:

‘It has been a pleasure to supervise Ellie over the last year. Alongside the usual stress of pupillage, she has dealt with the additional stress of pupillage during lockdown with all the uncertainty it has thrown up. Against this background she has remained positive, engaged, and committed. 

I think her burgeoning reputation is confirmed by the number of well-established solicitors from reputable firms who are willing to use her. I know that she is diligent in reporting to solicitors and keeping them up to date with what is happening which is an important trait to have early on.

She has worked extremely hard to put herself in this position and should be very proud that it has paid off. At a time when access to the bar is becoming ever more restricted Ellie is an example that hard work and talent can still be enough on their own to gain success.’

Whilst Central Chambers takes pupils with a view to tenancy, all pupils must pass a vote of existing tenants in order to be offered tenancy. This process involves detailed consideration of the applicant’s previous 12 months’ work.

A vote to offer tenancy must be taken as a strong endorsement of the applicant and shows that the tenants consider that the applicant has grown into their space in Chambers and will be an asset to this growing set.

In her second-six, Ellie has gained the trust of the clerks’ room with Kate and Jade commenting:

‘Considering the circumstances and difficulties faced in her 2nd six due to the current pandemic, Ellie has responded remarkably well and as a result has laid some promising foundations for her career at the bar.

Ellie had the benefit of taking part in remote hearings prior to starting her 2nd six with her supervisor at the beginning of the pandemic. This proved to be highly useful as she was not being thrown in at the deep end with no experience of remote hearings and she proved to be more than competent. Due to this, she picked up work easily throughout lockdown and her willingness to attend court has also been helpful.

We have had no problems getting work for Ellie and when offered amongst others, she has repeatedly been top choice. We have had nothing but good feedback from those she is instructed by. She is very competent and is very organised leading to repeat instructions, she keeps the solicitors updated and retains her matters.’

Ellie is the latest pupil to complete a pupillage at Central Chambers. The programme at Central is at the forefront of the pupillage reforms by the Bar Standards Board and is proud to be. So far, pupil supervisors have found the programme to be more beneficial to the pupils as well as more flexible and common sense.

When Central Chambers restructured about five years ago, the decision to start accepting pupils again was bold. Since then, a combination of eagle-eyed recruitment and joined-up training has resulted in a growing pool of newly-minted specialists in family and criminal law, in particular. This has allowed Central Chambers to grow at a time when other chambers are struggling but has also allowed our instructing solicitors to have an even wider range of talents available to them.

On a personal note her pupil supervisor says

‘From her first answer to the icebreaker question at her interview it was clear that Ellie was marching to her own beat. She is dynamic and engaging and her dry sense of humour has helped make what could have been a difficult year a lot more enjoyable.

I’ve no doubt we’ll have more spirited discussions over cases in the coming years and I wouldn’t have it any other way’.

Ellie’s tenancy began on 4th January 2021 and she is available for instruction immediately.

If you wish to instruct Ellie or any of the Family team please do not hesitate to contact the clerks by clicking here or on 0161 236 1133.