Central Chambers Welcomes Paul Storey QC

Central Chambers is delighted to announced that Paul Storey QC has a home on the Northern Circuit. Paul really needs no introduction given his reputation and presence in courts around the country. However for those of you that may not know him.

Paul practises mainly in the field of children law. He has extensive experience in complex and high profile High Court cases involving allegations of serious non accidental injuries and homicide. Particularly those concerning scientific or medical issues.

He has extensive experience in Appellate work in the Court of Appeal. Ranging through public and private law cases, those with a human rights element, paternity and disclosure. He also has significant experience in the Supreme Court, having appeared on numerous occasions .

His private law practice includes cases with LGBTQIA+ issues, and those involving disclosure issues, and alleged sexual abuse.

Paul has been involved in a number of cases concerning individuals with learning disabilities or other vulnerabilities and has a particular interest in these areas.

As a result of this interest his cases regularly involve the application of the Human Rights Act 1998.

Paul’s knowledge and talent is widely acknowledged. We hope that his presence in chambers will assist in our continued development