Central Chambers welcomes Chris Wallace as our newest tenant upon successful completion of pupillage

Chris Wallace has been offered and has accepted tenancy at Central Chambers, effective the 4th of October 2022.

Chris’s transition from pupil to tenant marks the latest in several years of our successful pupillage programme.

We have always recruited pupils with a view to tenancy and we consider it a mark of the calibre of our pupils that all those who have completed the programme with us have gone on to tenancy with us.

Chris’s pupillage was under the supervision of the excellent Nazmun Ismail – a founder member of Central Chambers.

Speaking about Chris’s new role, Ms Ismail commented:

“I am very proud to see move from the qualification part of his professional life into being a fully-qualified barrister. He worked hard during pupillage and, by the end of the second-six, he was a busy and sought-after practitioner. It did not surprise me to see that my fellow members of chambers were happy to invite him to join us.”

Chris is available for instruction via the family clerking team by email or by calling them directly.