Black Lives Matter – The Right To Protest

Members of the Central Chambers Protest Team have signed up to support the important work of Black Protest Legal Support UK. They have been joined by members of the Crime Team.

We believe it is essential to share our knowledge and experience to support those detained while asserting their rights to protest.

As dedicated specialist lawyers we work to ensure individual rights and the rule of law are maintained.

We will provide representation to anyone who is arrested while asserting the basic undeniable fact that black lives matter.

BLM march in Manchester. – Photo Credit: IG/saffronjw
What Can You Do? – Some Ideas…

Petition. It was the massive pressure from the petitioning public of the World that no doubt resulted in the upgrading of the charge against the officer who killed George Floyd and also (finally) resulted in the other three officers present being charged for their role in the killing. It works. Due process can only occur when there is a process brought into being.

Journalist Perkin Amalraj has written a letter template to ask your MP to speak out on Floyd’s killing.

i-D has shared a separate one asking for a suspension on the selling items such as tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields to the US.

Protest. See the links below for details for your area.

Educate yourself. There are several excellent books on where we are with racism in the 21st century. Most famously right now are Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge, How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi, or Back to Black by Kehinde Andrews. Maybe give them a shot.

On James O’Brien’s LBC (yes, we know) radio show on 3rd June 2020, the hour between 11am and noon was particularly illuminating in relation to growing-up black in the UK right now. It is available to listen again online via the Global Player app. Don’t fool yourself that the UK is a world apart from the USA.

Fact-Check your social media reposting. The attempts to malign and hijack the news agenda via social media has never been more active. If you see a story that chimes with your beliefs, go check it is true. Spreading fake stories just because they agree with your position is not helpful to any cause. If you see stories that you think are suspect, question whether that is because you disagree with the apparent agenda and go fact-check them. If you find reputable evidence that the post is a fake news story, maybe post a link under it with the fact-check.

There are lots of long-standing fact-checking services online now. is the UK’s main independant fact-checker site.

Snopes is well-known, especially for meme-based posts.

Listen to those who are have first-hand experience of prejudice and be there for them.


You can give to Black Protest Legal Support here:

You can give to UKBLM here:

You can learn about the work of BLMUK here:

You can learn about the work of Black Protest Legal Support here:


Black Lives Matter and Pride Month

The killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests around the World have coincided with Pride Month. What is the connection?

The LGBTQIA+ rights movement was led by Black trans women and lesbians and it has been bolstered by straight-cis allies, and has furthered LGBTQIA+ rights by winning over the straight cis (mostly) men who run our world. Well, the Black community needs allies of all races to stand in solidarity.

Any group of society that has felt oppression should deploy its empathy in support of others who have also faced that prejudice. This is often not the case but recent years have seen a big drive towards inclusivity within those communities.