Bernard Richmond QC Represents Family In Beachy Head Suicide Inquest

At Manchester South Coroners’ Court, Bernard represented the family of George Lloyd-Lewis who died, tragically, when he took his own life by driving from his home in Sale to Sussex, where he then deliberately drove his car over Beachy Head.

Under focussed questioning, it emerged that there were real problems for GPs in identifying the right service for patients and the lines of communication between GPs and other primary and secondary services. Further, it was extremely difficult for families and carers to have contact with medical professionals to feed in vital information about the condition of the vulnerable individual. As a consequence, the extent of Mr Lloyd-Lewis’s difficulties and the urgent need for intervention were not identified in time to save him.

The Coroner concluded, after hearing submissions from Bernard, that this was an appropriate case for him to exercise his power to write to the Secretary of State for Health, identifying the real need for a more simplified and streamlined process.

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Bernard, who undertakes inquests both as advocate and in his capacity as Assistant Deputy Coroner for Westminster, was instructed by Deji Adejobi of Ennon Solicitors. As part of his caseload in the criminal courts and coroners’ courts involving unlawful, unexplained or suspicious death, he undertakes a significant number of criminal cases where the defendants or parties are living with mental illness.

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