Benjamin Ramsey enters his ‘practising six’

Central Chambers is delighted to announce that, upon successful completion of the non-practising stage of his pupillage, Benjamin Ramsey is accepting instructions in criminal proceedings, effective from 3rd October 2022.

Ben is the latest member of our team of pupils to proceed to the practising stage of his professional development.

His pupil supervisor, Benjamin Knight, said this:

“Ben has undertaken pupillage in one of the most turbulent times in the existence of the Criminal Bar. With the recovery from Covid-19, ‘no returns’, and then the full-time industrial action, it has been a daunting time for all of us – but a pupil will find the uncertainty horrifying.

Despite the strange times in which we find ourselves, Ben has shown himself to be diligent, able beyond his call and a very quick learner. He has gained experience in magistrates’ court work, serious trials on indictment (including rape and serious violence) and drug importation. He has embraced our approach to pupillage – i.e. being part of the team in increasingly direct ways as his professional skills have developed.

When the time came to ‘sign him off’, I had no reservations or difficulties. I know that he meets all core competencies for this stage. I have heard excellent feedback from his advocacy training sessions. I look forward to supporting him through this next phase of his route to tenancy.”

Ben’s professional diary is already very busy for his first month ‘on his feet’ but Central Chambers welcomes instructions for him with immediate effect.

Please note that, for the duration of the CBA action, no new AGFS instructions are being accepted by the tenants of Central Chambers. All other types of crime instructions are accepted with thanks.

We would like to thank our instructing solicitors for their loyalty and support during the past 10 months of action. We are well-aware that solicitors have suffered and we are pleased that the CBA’s negotiating team has kept fair settlement for solicitors in their objectives, as well as the Bar’s own. It is heartening, at least, that the Law Society very recently issued a statement of intent regarding the present LGFS situation too.

To instruct Benjamin Ramsey, please contact his clerks by email or telephone. Jayne and Helen are happy to deal with all enquiries on his behalf.