Central Chambers Represents The North at Bar Pupillage Fair

On Saturday 27th October 2018, Central Chambers set out a stall at the Bar Council’s Pupillage Fair 2018. This large event at King’s College, London was well-attended by students, writes Ben Knight.

A pupillage fair over multiple floors and featuring talks, advice sessions and a CV clinic is quite the marketing opportunity for chambers and for students alike.┬áKing’s College provided a great home for this event. It was busy throughout the day and exhibitors were well looked-after by the staff and stewards.

I was pleased to attend with Callum Brook and my pupil, Tony Williams. We had a good team with varied experiences in practice and recent pupil life.

Central Chambers was the only purely Northern Circuit common law set in attendance. A sign of the times and the state of Legal Aid, no doubt. Whilst it was disappointing to see so few opportunities in the North being presented to students in London, it was heartening to speak to

so many talented students planning a move or return to the North at the end of their academic and vocational studies.

One of the most impressive things about this event was the number of probing and intelligent questions posed by students. Some of the questions about the interview process were indicative of the emphasis placed upon applications to chancery and commercial sets. This provided a great opportunity to talk to students about the importance of tailoring an application to the individual sets to which the application is being made.


A common question was, “what are the biggest mistakes people make in their applications?” We have actually compiled a number of examples from real applications that were fatal to applications. That will be published pretty soon. Some otherwise good applications have been binned for want of a quick spell-check and a proof read. Hopefully, with the increase in the number of chambers that can be applied to per cycle, applicants’ attention to detail will not diminish.

In the days following the event, a number of applications for mini-pupillage were received and we look forward to welcoming those applicants and doing what we can to help them in their quest for pupillage.

Events Coming Up

Central Chambers will also be represented at the Pupillage Fair hosted by University of Law in Leeds on 3rd November. The success rate of their students is really very impressive and we are pleased to have a stand at their event. Whilst giving-up weekends for these events is a commitment, it is very helpful to the students who attend and provides us with an opportunity to see the quality of applicants for the next few years.

Callum Brook and Tony Williams meet the early bird students at King’s College

Central Chambers has a recently redesigned pupillage programme, recruits with a view to tenancy, and is planning looking forward to applications opening in January 2019 for a common law pupillage starting in October 2019.

We recently welcomed a former pupil to join as a tenant and her practice is already busy and successful. We have a second-six pupil who is achieving great results in the criminal courts. We have another pupil in her first-six and are pleased to say that she has thrown herself into the challenge and is impressing all who are involved in training.

Our commitment to training, pupillage and measured expansion is part of what has taken Central Chambers from strength to strength in the past few years.