Bernard Richmond QC and Jonathan Holt secure murder acquittal at half-time.

Chambers offers its congratulations to Bernard Richmond QC and Jonathan Holt, both of Central Chambers, for their success in defending John Connolly who was recently found not guilty of the murder of Peter Watt.

John Connolly was arrested following an alleged confession to the murder of Peter Watt. Despite this apparent confession, admitted by Connolly in interview, Mr Richmond QC and Mr Holt were able to successfully argue that the matter should not be left to the jury. John Connolly was subsequently acquitted after six days of hearing evidence for the Crown. This submission was not without its legal complexities, such as the recently considered concept of parasitic accessorial liability.

His co-accussed, Bernadette Watt, was convicted and sentenced to serve life in prison with a minimum tariff of 22 years.